Fresh Independence For Steven

A man from Liverpool is enjoying a fresh lease of independence thanks to a new specialised wheelchair received with thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable funding.

The Foundation has donated two-thirds of the £12,500 required for a Trekinetic GTE motorised wheelchair, awarded to 31-year-old Steven, allowing him to replace his current manual wheelchair.

Steven was diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia, a progressive neurological disorder, when he was a teenager, and he also suffers with heart-related health issues.

“Steven has managed with his current self-propelled wheelchair for the last ten years, but his degenerative condition has meant that he was finding it increasingly difficult to get about safely, particularly on the kerbs and cobbles where he lives in the centre of Liverpool,” explains the Foundation’s Enable Funding Officer Karen Charles.

“As a result, Steven was reliant on others when wanting to venture outdoors.

“The provision of the motorised all-terrain wheelchair has had a significant impact on Steven’s life by allowing him independent access to the local community and social activities, which people of his age are keen to enjoy.

“The recommended chair has increased his safety and is also very light and compact, fitting into a normal sized car, making it easier for him to join in activities with friends and family.”

Steven has thanked the Steve Morgan Foundation for providing the funding enabling him to purchase the new wheelchair, which is already making a positive difference to his life.

“I’m really thankful that because of the Steve Morgan Foundation I have the trekinetic GTE,” he says.

“I was finding the manual wheelchair increasingly more of a challenge to use independently because of the hills, but this powered wheelchair is far better and means I can go out on my own more easily.

“Unfortunately not every street in Liverpool has drop kerbs but this chair is able to negotiate this problem.

“Most small steps into shops are also less of a problem, and I’m hoping to explore the limits of its off-road capability in the very near future.

“I also like how it doesn’t look like a conventional wheelchair – it is well engineered and also very comfortable and functional.”

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