Flintshire Foodbank Feeding The Community

Since being founded in 2012, the Flintshire Foodbank has provided food for 36,000 people in need and received over 335,000 kilos of food donated.

Incredible figures, which give an immediate and significant guide as to the importance of the charity to the communities across the county of Flintshire.

“We do exactly what it says on the tin,” says the charity’s founder Andy Leake, an apt description given that food is at the core of Flintshire Foodbank’s operation.

“We are a local charity, helping and supporting local people, and none of our food goes outside Flintshire.

“We have over 60 volunteers giving their time every week at our eight centres.

“We exist purely to help people who are in crisis, for whatever reason, and to ensure they have enough food on the table for themselves and their families.

“A lot of people find themselves struggling these days, and I would say that a significant number of people that we support are in work.

“It is just that for whatever reason they are unable to feed their family that week, or that month, and in those situations we are just pleased to be able to help.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation has donated £51,000 over three years to help with the part-time salaries of a Distribution Manager and a Debt Centre Manager.

This comes at a vital time with the Flintshire Foodbank requiring that level of backing to dovetail with the fantastic support of the local community.

“The whole community of Flintshire are such a generous group of people,” adds Andy.

“They always come forward to donate food, which is really important, as we will always tend to ask people for food rather than funding.

“In the past we have managed to secure funding from national charities, but less so from those more focused in local areas, apart from the Steve Morgan Foundation, who have been amazing.

“The majority of the food is donated by the general public, for which we are extremely grateful, and we also have food donated by businesses and some good corporate relationships which help us.

“We are part of a wider organisation called the Trussell Trust, which has a two-pronged attack in trying to deal with food poverty.

“The first step is to alleviate food poverty, working to ensure that everyone who needs food can have access to that food, through charities like ourselves.

“But the second and ultimate ambition is to end food poverty, so that no one will ever need a foodbank.

“In essence we are actually trying to put ourselves, as a charity, out of business.

“We want to get to a point where people are all in work and managing their budgets so that they can cope with the income they receive whether that is indeed from work or benefits, to be able to feed themselves and their families.”

Andy is extremely appreciative of the grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation, which will play a huge part in the Flintshire Foodbank being able to continue with its vital service to the local community.

“It is an amazing grant, and will go to support the wages of a couple of part-time staff,” he explains.

“Without these two staff we simply wouldn’t be able to function properly.

“One manages the debt advice centre and the other oversees the distribution of food across our centres.

“They are key people in our charity, and so this support across a three-year period is invaluable – we can’t thank the Steve Morgan Foundation enough.”


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