Flats will help former homeless people get lives back on track

A Liverpool charity that helps former homeless people get their lives back has bought two new flats thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Imagine If Trust received £60,000 from Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and a similar amount from the Steve Morgan Foundation as part of the Community Match Challenge (CMC) Fund.

The charity provides practical and emotional support to people committed to getting their lives back on track and used the £60,000 from the DCMS to fund a new support worker role and meet service delivery costs.

They used an identical award from the Steve Morgan Foundation to help buy a couple of two-bedroom flats to help people integrate back into the community.

Chief executive James Sloan said: “We currently have a four-bedroom house for men and a three-bedroom property for women which provide supported living between hostel care and having a place of your own.

“We only take people who are really ready to move forward with their lives and we’ve seen people move on to have their own tenancies, reconnect with families and overcome addictions.

“We call ourselves a place of change. If you just want to watch daytime TV we’re not for you. However if you want to get back into employment then we can help.

“The £60,000 from Steve Morgan Foundation meant we could put down a deposit on two flats in Wavertree. They’re literally on our doorstep and give us more flexibility. They will be aimed at people who have been in our shared houses and want to take the next step towards independence.

“Our support is tailored to our tenant needs and the new flats give those in the shared houses something to aspire to. The flats have more space, privacy and their own bathrooms.

“We couldn’t have done it without the Steve Morgan Foundation and the help from the DCMS has also been invaluable. This will change people’s lives for the better.”

Imagine If Trust was founded in 2012 and works to bring about transformation through a range of community projects. It aims to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families.

Since opening its first property in 2016 Imagine If Trust has housed 55 tenants with the longest tenancy being just over 18 months.

Steve Morgan, founder of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “We were delighted to partner with the DCMS as part of the Community Match Challenge (CMC) Fund.

“In total we handed out £20m in 59 days and supported more than 125 charities, including Liverpool-based Imagine If Trust, who are doing some amazing life-changing work in the community.”


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