Finding Comfort At WEB

People from across Birkenhead have been able to access services to improve their mental health and wellbeing thanks to the work of a charity supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough (WEB) is just coming to the end of three years of funding amounting to £60,000, which helped with the salary of a Project Co-ordinator.

The work of the Project Co-ordinator ultimately proved so successful, that the successful applicant has progressed to now becoming the Deputy Manager of the organisation.

WEB is a charity which prides itself on offering a warm and relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome to benefit from the range of services which they offer.

WEB offers a range of activities including courses, days out, holistic therapies or just a place to meet, not only to help women overcome feelings of depression and isolation but to help men and children too.

“The impact of this funding for the organisation has meant that women with issues of isolation and depression find it comforting to have a place where they can talk in confidence to others and enjoy the activities that WEB offers,” explains Centre Manager, Bernadette King.

“Using WEB has enabled them to develop the self-esteem and confidence to ensure a better quality of life. 

“Independent research and evaluation from WEB’s service users state that they find that they are able to deal with their ongoing physical, emotional and mental health issues in a much more appropriate manner.

“This has resulted in fewer  hospital or healthcare interventions and admissions and they feel more confident to access other services and to handle their relationships with others in a more positive way.

“They are also encouraged to access further training and opportunities for voluntary work and employments.”

One man commented that he will never ever have to return to “that place” which saw him with a rope around his neck,  because of everything he has learned at WEB.

The charity certainly plays a key role within the local community, with over 20 volunteers supporting the three full time and three part time staff.

“The funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation has assisted WEB to have some much needed stability within our small team,” added Bernadette.

“It has supported increased delivery of services for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals in our community.

“The difference that the funding has made within the Birkenhead area is massive. 

“It has given the poorest individuals from the most disadvantaged communities opportunities to access services and support for their mental health and wellbeing, allowing for earlier interventions that they would not have had the opportunity to receive otherwise. 

“We are extremely grateful to the Steve Morgan Foundation for supporting WEB to make the impact we do for the most marginalised adults and children.

“The impact for men with suicide ideation accessing services have described WEB’s services as  ‘life saving’, and women have described it as: ‘my lifeline’. 

“Girls and boys have described WEB as:  ‘the only place I can go where I can be myself and where people listen to me’.

“We would also like to thank Ashley Lewis and Rhiannon Walker, trustees from the Steve Morgan Foundation, who made the time and effort to visit WEB and spent time speaking to service users directly – we really appreciated this commitment.”

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