Excitement grows for Maggie’s Merseyside

Excitement levels are growing for the new Maggie’s Merseyside, the centre at Clatterbridge, which is the first of two being constructed thanks to funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

A total of £5million has been committed to Maggie’s Merseyside and a new Maggie’s at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Maggie’s Centres provide free practical and emotional support for people living with cancer and their families and construction of the new two-storey building at Maggie’s Merseyside is expected to be finished in around March, 2021.

Kathy Wright, centre head at Maggie’s Merseyside, said the facility had never been needed more than it is now.

“The temporary facility we have on site was built in 2014 for 7,000 visits a year but we’ve been having 14,000,” she said. “This new facility will help us meet that need and more. We’re very excited by the opening.”

At Maggie’s people can talk to and get support from a range of professional people. Maggie’s Centres are staffed by cancer support specialists, benefits advisors, nutritionists, therapists and psychologists.

Kathy said: “We will provide emotional, practical and social support to anybody with cancer, their family and friends. 

“The kitchen and kitchen table are at the heart of every Maggie’s Centre. We offer psychological support; educating, informing and empowering anybody affected by cancer.

“When people are feeling lost or anxious they can come to us and learn new skills of how to cope.

“The new Maggie’s Centre will have an amazing garden as ouroutside space is really important to us. The centre will have a series of rooms so people can do a group or individual activity.

“It’s lovely to see the building taking shape. We’ve never been needed more and we’re looking forward to the bigger space.”

A second Maggie’s Centre funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation will be built in the grounds of the New Royal Liverpool Hospital in the centre of the city once the new Maggie’s Merseyside facilities are operational.

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