Evie Loves Her Trike!

A seven-year-old girl from Warrington who is battling a life-limiting form of epilepsy is able to enjoy more freedom and independence thanks to the donation of a Tomcat Trike from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Evie suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a wide-ranging condition which leads to regular seizures and affects her motor skills, speech, sleep, eating, balance, behaviour and learning.

Her twin sister Darcie sadly died from the same condition at the age of five in December, 2015, and the family have been involved in fundraising for the Rose Blossom Trust which helps parents whose children are diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.

The Steve Morgan Foundation has now provided a grant of £2,300 to help purchase the Tomcat Trike which will help Evie enjoy increased mobility and a feeling of independence.

“Evie has been awarded a TomCat Fizz Trike, which will help her get out of the house, strengthen her muscles and improve her independence and wellbeing,” said Jane Harris, of the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“The exercise will also tire her out, so her sleep patterns should also be improved.

“The family will also be able to benefit from being able to enjoy a fun activity together.

“Evie’s parents are committed to ensuring that she has the best possible opportunities and lives life to the full.

“The Tomcat Trike will be a big boost not only to Evie but the whole family.”

Evie’s parents Mark and Natalie said: “We are so grateful for the Steve Morgan Foundation donation and for her Tomcat Trike.

“We like to give Evie as many new experiences as possible; peddling by herself and feeling the breeze against her skin may seem like a little thing for other kids but for Evie it’s so special.

“Fresh air, stronger muscles, a feeling of independence are all other major benefits, and not to mention, so much fun!  She smiles from the moment she gets on it and never wants to get off.”

This donation is a part of the Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable programme, which awards funding to people of all ages for specialised equipment.

To see the eligibility criteria, visit the Enable section of our website www.stevemorganfoundation.org.uk or call (01829) 782808.

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