Essential Support For Holy Trinity Project

A community initiative in Blacon has highlighted a three-year grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation as essential towards helping them continue their vital work to help local people.

Holy Trinity Church in Blacon has just come to the end of a three-year grant of £33,274 to help with the costs for an Outreach Worker, which in turn helps the Church provide a range of projects in the local area.

These include a community café, craft groups, ‘knit and natter’ sessions, scrabble, gardening and a range of children’s activities.

“It has been enormously helpful to us at Holy Trinity Outreach Project to have the three-year grant to enable us to employ our Outreach Worker,” says Rev Tina Upton, Rector at Holy Trinity Church.

“It  enabled our Outreach Worker to carry out her work and make plans for the future with a sense of security. 

“It has enabled us to build a range of activities around the core provision each week, such as craft courses, financial management course, cooking course and a scrabble group. 

“We have also been able to put in place special events, such as in the school holidays, and Summer and Christmas Fayres.

“Having one person as a constant factor through all the activities is invaluable, and our Outreach Worker is so sensitive and responsive to people’s needs that many volunteers are encouraged to do more for us, and also visitors have often deliberately attended in order to meet and talk through issues with her.”

The difference which the Outreach Worker has helped the charity make for people in the community has been substantial.

In total almost 500 different people of all ages have used Holy Trinity Blacon’s services over the last 12 months.

“For quite a number of people the project has been a lifeline,” added Rev Upton.

“There are several among those who attend regularly once or more than once a week who are carers, for whom the only chance they have of getting out and meeting people is at our project.  

“There are families who have been near destitution, and who have found a warm welcome and also practical help, support and advice through coming to our project. 

“Lonely and isolated individuals have found a community they can join, and several find meaning for themselves through volunteering.

“The holiday food and activities provides much needed food for hungry families in school holidays  – more often it is the parents who are hungry having given their food to the children – but also occupies them with fun activities and occasionally outings.

“This gives children happy memories of school holidays, which they might not otherwise have had, and also something positive they are able to say to others they have done when they return to school.”

Holy Trinity Blacon has secured further funding to continue to develop and improve their project, which received a real shot in the arm thanks to the award from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Rev Upton concludes:  “The funding from this grant has proved to be essential for the ongoing success and growth of our outreach project. 

“It probably would not have survived if we had not been able to employ our Outreach Worker, and the three-year core funding enabled that.”

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