Enable Grant Helps Ben’s Communication

The family of a 16-year-old boy from Liverpool has been awarded an Enable grant for some vital communication software to help improve his communication.

Ben, from Walton, is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, has severe learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties and hearing impairment.

These difficulties can lead to problems in communicating with his family, causing Ben considerable frustrations.

He is helped to communicate by using an iPad and Grid 3 software, and it was discovered that he responded particularly well to others being able to use the same equipment.

Caroline and Millie have been attending a weekly course at Sandfield Park School – which Ben attends – to learn how to use the software in terms of how best to support Ben at home to further improve his communication and socialising with others.

Whilst Ben has an iPad from the school which he can also use at home, there was a need for a second iPad to ensure his family are able to fully communicate with him.

An Enable grant of just over £500 has been awarded towards the cost of the iPad which is able to support the Grid 3 software.

“The family is able to use this equipment with Ben at home, which will support him in his post-school career and his future, to enable him to enjoy the fullest life possible,” said Gosia McKane, Development and Projects Manager for the Steve Morgan Foundation.

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