Enable Funding Brings A Happier New Year

A man from Winsford who has suffered from a rare disease which has led to losing his leg is benefitting from a new wheelchair as a result of the Enable funding programme from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

David, who turned 60 last December, has suffered from Ollier’s disease all his life, a condition which sees tumours develop close to cartilage plates, and has led to countless operations.

He had his left leg amputated in 2012, his right leg is severely deformed and causes constant pain, which he also suffers from in his hands and arms.

Since his amputation, David his found it very difficult to get out and about, and his NHS-provided wheelchair was too large and heavy to either be pushed by his partner Gale or fit in their adapted car.

David’s consultant orthopaedic and sarcoma surgeon recommended a Teen Size Quickie Life wheelchair, which is of an appropriate size to be able to manoeuvre easier and help get him out and about.

Steve Morgan Foundation run an Enable programme of funding which provides vital equipment for people of all ages, and have funded the chair to the tune of just less than £2,000.

It has already led, quite literally, to a happy new Year for David and his partner.

“We would like to thank the Steve Morgan foundation for the wheelchair which has made a huge difference to me and David,” said Gale.

“It has enabled us to get out of the house more often and visit places that we weren’t previously able to such as London, where we managed to go to for New Year’s Eve and were positioned right at the front near the Thames watching the fireworks!”

Click here to view what sort of equipment can be applied for via our Enable funding programme.

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