Enable Boost For Ella Rose

A toddler from Runcorn who has Down’s Syndrome has received an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation for a special pushchair to help improve family life.

Ella Rose, aged three, also has a diagnosis of West Syndrome, which causes epilepsy, as well as Global Developmental Delay, low muscle tone, reduced head and trunk control and needs postural support when sitting.

She is not yet weight bearing and cannot walk, and whilst she has a wheelchair for transportation over longer distances, it is heavy and does not fit in a standard car.

“The wheelchair is also not suitable for Ella to sleep in either,” said Jane Harris, Director of Regional Grants with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Her physiotherapist has recommended a light-weight disability reclining pushchair which will provide back and hip postural support, and also be easy to transport.

“It will also be suitable for Ella to sleep in when she is out and about, making family activities much more accessible.”

The Enable grant for £553 allowed for the purchase of the pushchair, with Mum Emma saying it has had a hugely positive impact on family life.

“The pushchair has made such a huge difference, allowing us to go for days out over Christmas as a family and Ella-Rose was really comfortable,” says Emma.

“It has also made little journeys out to the shops much easier, as getting the pram in and out of the car is so much easier than a wheelchair.

“When I had the phone call telling me that the Steve Morgan Foundation was funding the chair, I burst into tears.

“I had been struggling for quite a few months worrying about how much equipment my little girl needed to be able to live a fulfilled life and help her develop.

“I had also been concerned about taking my son out without worrying whether I could take Ella and wondering how long it would be before she would become uncomfortable – I felt so torn as a Mum.

“This has changed my life and allowed me to see the good in people again and I just want to say thank you to the Steve Morgan Foundation.”

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