Emergency doctor service recruits two new paramedics

A group of volunteer doctors and paramedics in North Wales who attend emergencies outside of hospitals has been awarded £30,000 by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The North Wales Emergency Doctor Service (NWEDS) say the grant has enabled them to recruit and equip two new paramedics and support the NHS struggling to deal with Covid-19.

Dr Bryn Ellis is a specialist registrar in anaesthesia and a volunteer with NWEDS and said the funding had enabled them to increase their number of paramedics from four to six.

“It’s absolutely amazing what the Steve Morgan Foundation has done,” he said. “We work as a charity and are wholly dependant on donations. This will make a huge difference to the work that we do.

“The NHS is under a lot of pressure at the moment because of Covid-19 and we’re looking to support it. We work very closely with our Welsh Ambulance colleagues with complex decision-making.

“Each equipment bag for the paramedics cost £9,000 and the funding has also enabled us to put an extra vehicle on the road.”

North Wales Emergency Doctor Service attend medical emergencies that occur in North Wales as part of a co-ordinated response with the other emergency services.

It is run exclusively by volunteer doctors and paramedics who are trained to attend incidents outside hospital. They attend in their own time and are paid no fees.

The doctors are alerted when a ‘999’ call is made from the scene of the incident.

The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust works closely with NWEDS to make sure that they’re alerted to every serious incident.

Bryn said: “North Wales is very rural so there’s a real need for our work. Our aim is to get to the patients within that golden first hour. Thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation we’ll be able to help more people.”

Steve Morgan, of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “The North Wales Emergency Doctor Service is such a deserving case. As well as supporting the NHS they’re also helping patients across North Wales. The fact they’re run by volunteers in their own time is amazing.”

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