Down’s syndrome charity gets a rebrand

A charity that helps transform the lives of children and adults with Down’s syndrome has been rebranded.

The Steve Morgan Foundation is a long-term supporter of the Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group, which has been renamed Down Syndrome Cheshire to better reflect the wide range of services they offer.

The charity was founded in 2007 and has grown to directly support in the region of 200 children and adults with Down’s syndrome and their families as well as informing education and health professionals and our wider community.

CEO Lawrence Caygill explained: “Our charity was established in 2007 by a group of local mums who all had babies with DS. In the early days we offered training, advice and peer support events for children with Down’s syndrome in Cheshire and this has developed over time.

“Children and adults with Down’s syndrome have specific needs and so a small group of Cheshire parents came together to discuss their experiences, those of their child with Down’s syndrome and other members of their family to support one another and share great ideas in particular with regard to health and education.

“We provide education advocacy, pre and post natal information packs, home visits, information and advice, pre-school groups, speech and language support, training for parents/ carers and education/ health care professionals, peer support activities, regular online and offline friendship groups (including dance, football and yoga), work experience opportunities for adults with Down’s syndrome and we raise awareness in our Cheshire community.

“We are expanding all the time and will soon welcome a new family support worker and our own speech and language therapist.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation provided funding of £65,000 to pay for an education advocate to work with children, families and schools in Cheshire West and Chester to help unlock the potential of children with Down’s syndrome.

Lawrence Caygill added: “The charity name has changed to Down Syndrome Cheshire to reflect the wide range of services we now offer to people who have Down’s syndrome, their families and the people who work with them.

“A creative team of adults who all have Down’s syndrome have produced the new branding to launch Down Syndrome Cheshire as part of a unique work experience project. We turned to our talented members for the relaunch in partnership with local firm Neave Creative.”

The project involved the group working with Mr Caygill and Philip Neave from the design firm to establish a fresh new look for the organisation depicting stepping stones to represent their mission to empower people with Down’s syndrome to unlock their potential, lead happy and fulfilling lives by changing perceptions, creating opportunities and educating the wider community.


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