Creating A Fresh Identity

The Steve Morgan Foundation have again linked up with the Open Door Centre in Wallasey to help the charity “create a fresh identity”.

The Foundation had previously helped with a grant towards core running costs – click here to read the full story.

And then, at the latest Trustees’ meeting, a further £75,000 was pledged over a three-year period which will include the employment of a new Centre Manager.

“We are going through a time of real change of the charity, with Steve Morgan Foundation alongside every step of the way,” says Director Lee Pennington.

“Demand is going up and we are growing to meet this.

“We have had a full centre refurb and created a fifth delivery space, easing practical pressures and creating a fresh identity for the organisation.”

The Open Door Centre, as the previously published feature shows, operates as a mental health service which aims to make the treatment of mild depression and anxiety accessible to young people by offering an alternative to clinical treatment.

The charity has enjoyed considerable success by offering hundreds of young people the support mechanism to overcome any mental health stigmas, often via creativity or the arts.

One of the ways to help young people has been via the medium of music, and the Astral Coast festivals, which the Open Door Centre are hoping to continue to develop and strengthen over the coming years.

Lee adds:  “We have reinvigorated our live music offering via Astral Coast, with a more expansive festival planned for later this year alongside key localised events.

“All of this is with the ultimate aim of leveraging music and culture to open up conversations around – and normalise – depression and anxiety.

“We are delighted that we are going to continue our work with support from the Steve Morgan foundation for the next three years at least.”

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