Creating A Future

“It is a grief like no other…” The words of Vicki Nash, who lost her son Luca to a brain tumour, and turned to Liverpool charity Love, Jasmine for help.

Love Jasmine was set up by parents Rob and Kathy Lapsley following the loss of their daughter Jasmine, and has been supported in its development with a three-year grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation. (Click here for full story).

Love Jasmine aims to provide help and support for bereaved parents in many different ways, including through individual or family counselling, support groups, advice on self-care, guidance and sign-posting and by providing short breaks at ‘Jasmine’s Retreat’ at Ribby Hall in Lancashire.

Vicki and her family were able to enjoy a visit to Jasmine’s Retreat and, as she explains, that initial contact with the charity has led her to become a volunteer counsellor, helping other parents who find themselves in a similar and devastating situation.

“We first met Rob last September, and found out about Jasmine’s Retreat then,” says Vicki.

“I am a bereaved parent as my little boy Luca died from a stage four brain tumour, and we have been suffering financially ever since.

“We lost our family home and couldn’t afford to go on any holidays, but Rob offered us the use of Jasmine’s Retreat.

“We have two little girls, aged six and seven, and to be able to go away on holiday together was amazing and made them so happy.

“They still talk about those memories even now, and it was such a special family time for us to be able to go and enjoy a few days away which we otherwise couldn’t afford at that point.

“We will be eternally grateful to Rob and Kathy for setting up this charity and giving us the chance to enjoy that opportunity.”

It was whilst phoning Rob to say thank you for the holiday that Vicki revealed she worked as a counsellor, and from there she has become a volunteer, helping Love, Jasmine with their counselling programme which they were able to expand as a result of the grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“I have been a volunteer counsellor with Love, Jasmine for a while now, and it is an amazing experience and really humbling,” Vicki explains.

“The service they provide for parents of bereaved children is exceptional.

“It is personal and unique, and much needed, because to lose a child is a grief like no other.

“It is the most soul-destroying and emotional thing you can ever go through, and there is amazing support from Love, Jasmine for all of us who are in that club, of having lost a child.

“A lot of the parents are so grateful that there is someone who is impartial and non-judgemental that they can talk to, and I think it helps with the therapeutic process that they are speaking to a bereaved parent.

“They know that we know what they are going through, and the charity gives hope to people and my position and other families that there is hope to be able to carry on.

“Love, Jasmine helps make you understand that you can still create a future for your other children and keep everything as positive and normalised as possible for them.”

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