Four weeks after launching the Covid-19 Emergency Fund, the Steve Morgan Foundation has made 249 different funding awards to the tune of £2,596,631.

This has helped charities across Merseyside, North Wales and Cheshire, including ensuring many of them are able to stay open during the current pandemic.

The grants have helped the charities benefit 819, 363 people with their work.

The 819,363 people who have been helped to far comprise 72,117 children, 61,036 young people, 526,833 adults and 159,377 older people.

Of the first £2,596,631 handed out so far, £879,063 has gone to tackling disadvantage/poverty/food poverty and £638,858 has been given to mental health/health/wellbeing charities.

Steve Morgan made up to £1million available every week, for an initial 12 weeks, to support charities who have been affected by a loss of income due to the coronavirus as they continue to carry out their services to help people who need them during the current crisis.

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