Confidence And Self-Esteem

A community centre which provides a range of services to people in Liverpool believes that the funding support received from the Steve Morgan Foundation has helped it to survive and grow.

Halewood Youth in Community Centre prides itself on being a venue offering various activities allowing children and adults to participate through their ethos of inclusion, equality, diversity, education and empowerment.

A three-year grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation was used to ensure the continued employment of the Community Centre’s manager, a vital role for the sustainability and development of the charity.

“The financial support received from the Steve Morgan Foundation has provided the platform from which the Centre has been able to continue to develop its strategy of becoming as self-sufficient as possible,” says Centre Manager Mark Nelson.

“Additionally, the Centre has maintained its focus upon offer and development of work with a cross section of its own local community in the Halewood area that includes; after school and holiday time activity clubs for the 4-11 year age range; evening time youth work sessions for the 12-19 years age group; evening-based community focused activities such as bingo and ‘clubbercise’ sessions, and evening time fitness and boxing club sessions. 

“This is further complemented by usage of the Centre as an alternative education resource for young people aged from 16 to 19 years as well as full-time childcare premises during half term and summer time holiday school closure periods. 

“The Steve Morgan Foundation has enabled the Centre to grow as a consequence of the sustainment of its Manager post which is responsible for all areas of work and development within its local community. 

“Without this support, the Centre would not have survived.”

As Mark explains, engaging the community in the various activities mentioned then opens people up to developing many other social skills, as well as increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

He adds:  “The offer of services to children, young people and adult community members has continued to provide a range of informal activities and events in which they are able to fully participate through the Centre’s ethos of inclusion, equality, diversity, education and empowerment. 

“This takes place within a safe, warm, friendly and supportive environment in an area that suffers from acute levels of social and economic deprivation which further contributes toward the successful delivery of services and activities to local community people.

“As an example, young people have recently engaged in supporting the collection of food donations of a weekend at the area’s local shopping outlets on behalf of the Halewood Food Bank Scheme that local residents are able to access in order to feed their children.

“Participation in various opportunities has led to the development of children and young people’s personal health, sense of confidence, self-esteem, self- worth, and skills, resulting in 22 participants working towards attainment of accredited qualifications in Activities Awards.”

Mark continues:   “Engagement in evening time boxing/boxercise sessions has also provided the platform from which participants have been able to interact socially, develop awareness and understanding upon well-being, nutrition, diet, and self-respect. 

“These factors positively assist in developing their ability to form relationships with peers, participate in sporting tournaments and develop a constructive outlook toward their community.

“The grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation continues to ensure the existence of Halewood Youth In Community Centre as it moves toward becoming as self-sufficient as possible within the context of its charitable remit. 

“Without the support offered by the Steve Morgan Foundation the range and scope of children, young people and adults contacted and worked with by the Centre would certainly have not taken place.”

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