College Course For Lewis

An 18-year-old Liverpool man who is defying a complex medical condition to study for a Journalism course has been helped by an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Lewis, from Cressington, is believed to have suffered a brain injury in the womb and was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of three.

This affected his mobility, although he was still able to walk with assistance, until, after a surgery three years ago, he developed a rare disorder called Syringomyelia,  in which fluid-filled cysts form within the spinal cord.

Following this, Lewis’s neurological condition also deteriorated and is now unable to stand, walk or sit unsupported, or have functional use of his hands.

“Despite his condition, Lewis studied for England and History A-levels and is now to study a Journalism course at Liverpool City College,” says Lindsey De Bartolo, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Through a Disabled Facilities Grant, he has been provided with a ground floor wheelchair accessible and wet room and has a specially adapted computer and software programme for his studies provided by the Local Authority.

“Lewis was fed by his family but was very keen to feed himself independently.

“He has been anxious to get as much independence as he could, having gone from having relative mobility at the age of 15 to being a permanent wheelchair user with little upper strength.

“This has taken a big toll on his mental and emotional wellbeing.

“The Steve Morgan Foundation has provided Lewis with a Neater Eater Robotic which he had previously trialled and adapted to and ensures he can feed himself independently.”

An Enable grant of £3,514 was awarded to Lewis for the equipment which has made a hugely positive impact on his life.

Lewis’s Mum said: “I would like to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation for their help, kindness and support which is very much appreciated.

“The Neater Eater has helped Lewis with his independence and has meant that we can all eat together as a family.”

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