ChAPS Planning For The Future

A charity which supports people of all ages who are on the autism spectrum from across Cheshire believes it has safeguarded its future thanks to a grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Cheshire Autism Practical Support stages a host of different activities across Cheshire not only for people with autism but also to help their families and carers.

The Steve Morgan Foundation had previously supported ChAPS with a grant as they established themselves in their early years before making another three-year award, for the role of a Business Manager.

Cindy Seiler was appointed to the position, and ChAPS Managing Director Jo Garner says her arrival, thanks to the grant, has had a hugely positive impact on the charity.

“The funding has made a massive difference to ChAPS, and has enabled a clear management strategy to be implemented and other important developments including complying with GDPR regulations and investigating and actioning sustainability models,” says Jo.

“It has also enabled additional funding streams to be investigated and we have a Professional Training model due to go live shortly.

“The difference that funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation makes to small charities like ours is life changing.

“It has ensured the future of our charity and we are eternally grateful.

“The work of Steve Morgan Foundation is extraordinary.  

“It enables charities like ChAPS to exist and plan for the future and provide for families who have a dependent with autism.”

Autism remains the fastest growing condition in the world, affecting one person in 36, and ChAPS has already benefitted thousands of people of all ages who are on the autism spectrum.

One further development from the arrival of a Business Manager emerged from a question asked in ChAPS’ annual survey of those who make use of the charity.

Some 66 per cent of those who responded said that ChAPS had prevented them from needing to refer to social care or Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, which could be calculated as a £1.1million saving for the local authority.

Cindy said: After 17 years working in the third sector for disability charities, I was delighted to be able find a role where I could make a real impact.

“The team are impressive with an immense amount of knowledge and they are truly driven to improve the lives of our families.

“I look forward to working with Jo and the Trustees to take the organisation forward on a more sustainable level. 

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*ChAPS have recently set up a new range of activities in Warrington.  For more details of all activities, or to find out about ChAPS membership, visit to register online.  For help completing the application, please call 0344 850 8607.

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