The Reader Organisation


The Steve Morgan Foundation has handed over a cheque for £373,000 to The Reader to improve the lives of children in the North West.

The major investment, which was announced in 2017, will significantly improve the life chances of children living across the region by building a culture of reading for pleasure that will empower them for life.

Working with a range of organisations across the region, The Reader will embed their  ‘Shared Reading’  initiative into public provision for families most in need, by providing training and support for staff and volunteers at a grassroots level.

Jane Harris, Director of Regional Funding with the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “We first worked with The Reader back in 2010 and we’re delighted that they are the first recipient of one of our new Major Grants for uplift funding.

“Our Trustees were very by impressed the team and their entrepreneurial approach to what they are trying to achieve.

“They do an outstanding job and we are delighted to be able to fund the Families Programme for the next three years.”