£55,000 awarded

Bryer Rd Community Centre in Prescot, is going from strength to strength having secured funding to recruit a Centre Development Manager from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The vital community initiative has received a three-year grant totalling £55,000 from the Foundation, which has helped with the recruitment of a Centre Development Manager.

Bryer Rd Community Centre was handed over to Innovate Volunteering, a social enterprise,  in 2017 on an asset transfer from Knowsley Council.

Born and bred in Knowsley, Innovate Volunteering delivers volunteer-led community projects, across the Knowsley area,  to reduce isolation and enhance the emotional health and wellbeing of children, young people and adults.

Innovate invests heavily in its volunteers to ensure they are equipped and confident to carry out their roles effectively.

Over the last three years Innovate has grown considerably as an organisation, having developed ourHUB on Manor Farm Rd in Huyton.

This facility consists of a ‘Pay what you can’ Community Shop and a Safe Space where local people can access support and a listening ear.

In addition, Innovate has been commissioned by the CCG and Knowsley Council to deliver the Borough’s Community Navigator Service, supporting local people to access activities in their community to prevent isolation, and more recently taking over the running of Bryer Rd Community Centre, in Prescot.