£12million pledged

In March, 2020, Steve Morgan pledged £1million a week for an initial 12-week period to charities to help some of the most vulnerable sectors of society cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

The emergency hardship fund was available for charities and not-for-profit organisations in the remit area covered by the Steve Morgan Foundation, to help with the costs of additional emergency services to help people affected by the virus.

It would also help charities experiencing a loss of fund raising revenue to stay in business.

“The £1m per week will go into a war chest because we are at war against coronavirus,” said Steve.

“The Foundation has a small team, but we support hundreds of charities in our region and it’s these charities and, more importantly, the people they help that are going to be the hardest hit by coronavirus.

“Aside from the obvious difficulties that the charities are facing, supporting thousands of disadvantaged people, this crisis has already caused substantial cashflow issues. Normal day-to-day fundraising efforts that the charities undertake have been pulled from under them.

“As the economy shrinks it will be the charities and the vulnerable people who suffer first and we can’t allow that to happen.

“At times like these it’s right that people turn to our politicians to take the lead, but entrepreneurs like myself can help. We can’t stand idly by and do nothing.”