£60,000 donated

Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group received a three-year grant in excess of £60,000 for the role of an Education Advocate and Makaton speech and language training.

CDSSG have ground from an around-the-kitchen table organisation supporting ten families across Cheshire to now supporting in excess of 100 families, effectively between 400 and 500 people, on a regular basis.

This involves everything from starting by having a conversation with parents before they have their baby if they received a pre-natal diagnosis of Down’s syndrome, and chatting to them about what it is like to have a baby with Down’s syndrome.

The charity also goes into schools talking to pupils about friendship groups as well as organising parents’ social evenings and family fun days.

The funded Education Advocate role has helped build relationships between families and schools, helping the young people become more integrated into the school day.