Busy Start For Blood Bike

The new ‘Vampire 4’ Yamaha motorbike donated by the Steve Morgan Foundation to Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes has enjoyed a very busy first month, clocking up 4,500 miles and contributing to a total of 550 jobs completed by the voluntary charity.

The Vampire 4 is stationed in Wallasey and within a ten-mile radius of six riders whom are advanced trained, and not far from Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, one of the charity’s biggest clients.

Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes transport urgently needed blood, donor breast milk, drugs, human tissues and other necessities, primarily between hospitals, hospices and blood transfusion units.

And all the riders are volunteers.

The bikers are also available to go to and from Clatterbridge during emergency hours, generally after 4.30pm or on a Bank Holiday when the Centre’s own labs are closed, and it is estimated that the bike donated by the Steve Morgan Foundation has saved the Clatterbridge Centre £7,500 during the month of June.

That money can then be used in the diagnosis, treatment and care of their patients.

Other services carried out by the Vampire 4 so far have included picking up samples twice daily from Victoria Central Hospital, St Catherine’s Hospital and Eastham Clinic.

Before the service from Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes, the transport system in place was insufficient to be able to take all the samples together and there were often delays leading to patients waiting longer for results and possible treatments.

The Vampire 4 is also involved in the transportation of breast milk to Ireland providing a vital service across the Irish Sea.

“The month of June has been a very difficult time for the milk bank in Ireland,” said Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes Operator Toni Rooke.

“They have had a very severe infection in their water supply meaning that they can’t process donated breast milk safely. 

“The North West Human Milk Bank in Chester is another one of Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes’ clients – they are the largest milk bank in the UK and provide a gold standard service. 

“Vampire 4 has been working very closely with the milk bank recently, our riders have been collecting up to 16 litres of donated breast milk a week from the Milk Bank and transporting it to our friends at P&O Cruises whom have been taking it across the sea on the ferry.

“On arrival there is a friendly Irish blood biker eagerly waiting to ensure that the milk arrives for all the hungry and poorly babies across Ireland, changing the course of their lives for the better.”

The superior nature of the Vampire 4 means it can carry twice as much milk as other bikes in the fleet, thus reducing the need to use two separate bikes and leaving another one available for any emergencies that may arise across the Wirral.

“Our team at Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes would like to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation for their donation.,” added Toni.

“The attached photograph was taken during one of our fantastic relay runs – showing a partnership with our friends and colleagues at Wales Blood Bikes.

“The Welsh Blood Bike team transported a very important sample from one of their local hospitals, and was met halfway by one of our riders who carried on the very important journey to the transplant unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

“The transplant unit is an organ donation suite where samples are taken to be cross-matched and tested. 

“This process happens when an organ donation is happening, and it needs to happen fast. 

“The sample that the blood bike teams have transported really will help to save multiple lives which is in keeping with our group motto:  ‘Our next ride could save your life.’

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