Bo’s New Freedom

A man from Criccieth suffering from a progressive neurological disorder has been able to enjoy some more freedom and independence thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The grant of £759 has enabled Bo, aged 56, to purchase a Veloped Trek All Terrain Walker, helping him to keep his balance whilst walking when previously he would have felt unsafe.

And that means he is able to enjoy more outdoor activities with his wife and their two teenage children.

“Bo’s condition means he suffers from a lot of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, such as reduced movement in his arms and legs, global weakness, and stiffness and tremors, which cause the problems with his balance and mobility,” says Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Despite these challenges, Bo has been determined to keep as mobile as possible and had been using a four-wheeled frame to assist him on family walks or other outdoor activities.

“Unfortunately, the frame was not suitable for rough or uneven ground as the vibrations caused Bo significant pain, and it was also unsafe to use on countryside walking tracks, preventing Bo from joining in with family activities.

“The Veloped Trek Walker has been designed for people with disabilities to use safely on any surface and is far more comfortable for the user.

“It is important for Bo to take daily walks to maintain as much balance, mobility and independence as possible, as well as being beneficial for his muscle strength and fitness.

“The Walker is also going to have a really positive impact on his quality of life in terms of his independence, mental health and the ability to join in the family activities which he has always enjoyed.”

As shown by the pictures, Bo is certainly making the most of the new Veloped.

“The Veloped is absolutely brilliant and has given me so much more freedom and independence,” he says.

“It was so easy and quick to assemble, and I have already started exploring!

“This morning I was sitting in a small park under a tree, simply enjoying the beautiful quietness, almost silence.

“The park was accessed by a narrow path on rough terrain, and without the Veloped I just would not have been able to get there.

“The vibrations of the previous contraption I used were painful, and the small, hard wheels weren’t suited to any outdoor use, let alone an uneven path.

“Irregular surfaces, which most roads and even pavements are where I live, were problematic, but all that is now in the past.

“Not only does the Veloped give me more access and mobility, it also greatly helps with my posture as I am more upright and less stooped, hopefully leading to less pain.

“I just want to say thanks a million for the support of the Steve Morgan Foundation in making it possible for me to get this wonderful walking aid.”

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