Big Help For The Big Help Project!

The Steve Morgan Foundation does not just make a difference to the people it helps via funding handed out to so many well deserving charities.

It can also make life easier for those who carry out the work for those charities as well.

Dr Barry Cooper founded the Big Help project on Merseyside six-and-a-half years ago, starting out by setting up the Knowsley Food Bank.

The charity has expanded, and most recently launched the Homes With Style shop on Derby Road in Huyton, offering various household goods and appliances at a manageable level of credit for those who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

The Steve Morgan Foundation has been a regular supporter of Barry’s work, and has donated £17, 489 towards the cost of a delivery van to help the charity’s activities.

And, in particular, help the driver whose job is to despatch the various items!

“Before this new van, we had a van donated to us that wasn’t really fit for purpose,” says Barry.

“It was an open tipper truck, but now, thanks to the funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation, we have a purpose low-loader rolled into one.

“The driver was so excited when he received the new van, he thought it was Christmas and his birthday rolled into one!”

The Steve Morgan Foundation had already provided plenty of support with other grant funding during the early years of the Big Help project, including £61,560 over three years to fund a Debt Advice Co-Ordinator and £25,000 over three years to fund a Foodbank Manager.

A level of sustained help which has ensured the charity can do so much good work within the local community.

“The Steve Morgan Foundation has been fantastic with all the funding that they have given to us,” Barry explains.

“I founded the The Big Help project six and a half years ago, initially to set up a Food Bank in Knowsley.

“But we always wanted to do more than just provide food – we wanted to stop people needing to use a food bank in the first place.

“So now we do much more.

“We provide debt advice, support into work advice, and the trading side with a number of activities – we now have about 30 staff.

“The Homes With Style shop here is intended to be a direct alternative to others in the rent to own market where people go in and purchase items at inflated prices at high interest rates and over three years end up paying a lot more.

“In our case, we are in partnership with the local council, Credit Union and Co-Operative Electrical.

“So people can come in and get furniture or items like washing machines at a reasonable price and spread the payment over a year at Credit Union interest rates.”

A hugely valuable service to the local area and one which the Steve Morgan Foundation are delighted to have supported over a number of years.

Not to mention one very happy delivery driver!


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