An Invaluable Help

A charity in Knowsley which delivers support for people suffering from dementia and their carers has thanked the Steve Morgan Foundation for their “invaluable” funding.

Knowsley Dementia Care Support Memory Lane received a grant to help with a salary at the charity which has helped to expand its services and provided more support and reduced feelings of isolation for carers out in the community.

Almost 200 people from Merseyside are benefitting from the charity’s work, the majority being over the age of 55 but also many children under the age of 15.

“This funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation has been invaluable,” said Director Jacqueline Rotherham.

“It has allowed us to focus on developing and expanding our project, to reach others in the community away from our centre and offer our support. 

“The additional work that has been carried out is wonderful and Memory Lane is now well known by bodies who refer people to us. 

“We have been able to reach more people who need our service.

“Carers we have reached are feeling less isolated and supported more in their role, and we are able to give more information to carers who have lots of unanswered questions. 

“We have been able to spend more hours on furthering our plans and projects, and plans are underway to expand our service and involve the community further.”

There are many examples of how Memory Lane has helped carers and people suffering from dementia, and some people who have lost their loved ones to dementia continue to attend the charity even after their passing.

There are also good links with local schools, with children visiting to chat to those attending the charity’s activities as well as singing or attending parties.

“When many people are diagnosed with dementia they are not told how the illness will progress and how it will affect their and their families’ lives,” adds Jacqueline.

“They do not realise what devastation it can cause. 

“Many come to Memory Lane at the ends of their tether feeling unsupported, angry, frustrated and sometimes suicidal. 

“We offer support by sharing experience with other carers and guidance on how to deal with loved ones suffering from dementia. 

“Carers feel less isolated and, armed with answers and support, they feel more capable to deal with the daunting task ahead.

“We are a major support for those with dementia.”

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