An Amazing Impact

The Steve Morgan Foundation has been providing support to St Christopher’s School in Wrexham for almost a decade.

It was back in 2012 that the school, the largest specialist school in Wales, welcomed Steve Morgan to officially open a new hydrotherapy pool after backing a longstanding funding campaign to the tune of £250,000.

Since then the Steve Morgan Foundation has also awarded the School a minibus ensuring the children are able to be taken out and about for trips and experiences, and, most recently, a £30,000 grant for a new Sensory Room.

Sian Williams,  Acting Deputy Head of the IDL Department at St Christopher’s, tells us more.

“St Christopher’s is a very large secondary school which caters for children with a range of different needs and abilities between the ages of seven and 19,” says Sian.

“We cater for children with physical disabilities, with autism, and children who need behavioural and emotional support.

“There are a wide range of needs which we cater for through different departments at the school.

“The Sensory Room has had an amazing impact on the children.

“When they go into that room, their faces light up, and they look around, taking everything in.

“They can have control over what they are doing in the room, and use eye gazers which allow them to activate lights and switches in the room by using their eyes.

“They get a reaction from what they are looking at, and the same applies for children who are able to touch and feel different textures and sensations and enjoy that sensory feedback.

“We also use the Sensory Room as a classroom for teaching and learning, for speech and language activities, promoting interaction with singing and listening to each other and praising each other.

“The Sensory Room has had a huge impact on teaching and learning in the school and a wide range of classes are able to use it.”

Both the minibus and Hydrotherapy pool are also continuing to play a major part in the life of children at St Christopher’s, as Sian explains.

“Trips are so important for the children, and you can imagine their faces when they get to places like Chill Factore in Manchester where they are able to experience activities like snowboarding,” she added.

“Other activities include ten pin bowling and generally real-life experiences which they can also continue later in life.

“The hydrotherapy pool is also fantastic, as it means the children don’t have to travel out of school to get the physio that they need.

“They can follow their programmes here, on site, at a great facility.

“All the children benefit, and when I take my class to use the pool, as well as them being able to move and develop their gross motor skills, there is also the fun factor involved.

“Again, is it fantastic to see the reaction on their faces and their laughter, and it encourages interaction between the children,  and has been a massive benefit to the school.”

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