Alfie’s Joy

A young boy from Liverpool with severe autism is reaping the benefits of an Enable grant of some vital and therapeutic sensory equipment.

Six-year-old Alfie, from Maghull, has received a grant of £3,315 towards a variety of equipment for his sensory room, including fibre optic lights, interactive floor tiles, a bubble wall feature, safety crash mats, a projector and colour-changing music speaker.

And this equipment is proving hugely beneficial in helping Alfie to cope with his difficult times and enjoy some safe space when needed.

“Alfie struggles to sleep at night and requires full support with his daily activities. He has limited language skills and becomes frustrated when trying to communicate his needs,” says Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“He is tall and strong for his age, so when he becomes agitated and upset, his physical reactions are difficult to contain.

“Alfie’s parents have worked with the Housing Association and the Disabled Facilities Grants team to build a ground floor bedroom which will be used as a safe space for Alfie, when he is overwhelmed by sensory information in his environment.

“This new range of therapeutic sensory equipment will help to calm and soothe him as well as soft play crash mats, which will protect Alfie when he has his more difficult moments.”

Alfie’s Mum, Eve, says the new equipment is already making a really positive difference.

“After spending six birthdays and Christmases buying Alfie gifts he won’t open or play with it was such a joy to see his little face when he first saw his sensory room,” says Eve.

“He was delighted, and not only has it helped Alfie when he has his meltdowns, it has also reduced the stress of all the family.

“Alfie now takes himself into his little room when he feels anxious or just when he wants some ‘Alfie time’ alone.

“It has truly been such a blessing and this is the happiest I have seen my little boy – I just want to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation for its generous donation.”

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