A Wide Range Of Services

The Foryd Community Hub in Rhyl, which received funding for a Volunteer Co-Ordinator from the Steve Morgan Foundation, is continuing to provide a huge range of services to the great benefit of the local community.

Infact, there seems very little that the Foryd Community Hub doesn’t actually do!

We visited the charity, and spoke to Project Manager Fiona Davies.

Fiona explains: “We provide employment training for people looking for work, we can provide and help with CVs and job application forms, and have our own online Jobcentre where people can leave details and we can get back to them.

“We have a food bank, and distribute 10,000 meals per year, as well as a community café serving about 2,000 people every month.

Fiona Davies

“We provide a community transport scheme for older people to take them to hospital, social occasions or doctors’ appointments.

“The community outreach bus also provides financial advice for people living in villages across Denbighshire.

“We also provide benefits advice with a specialist benefits advisor coming in to the centre.

“So we provide quite a wide range of services.”

The role of the Volunteer Co-ordinator was a vital one given the number of volunteers who play a part at Foryd Community Hub.

It also had a particularly beneficial impact, as told in a previous story, when the successful applicant for the role – Alex Bowen – helped one of the centre’s users, Mel, land a permanent job.

Alex Bowen

“We have quite a lot of volunteers, and I spend a lot of time on fundraising connected with the charity so it was difficult for me to provide them with the support that they needed,” added Fiona.

“Having Alex as the Volunteer Co-ordinator takes the pressure off me so I can be free to do other things.

“We can now support volunteers more, and give them a more structured role within the charity.

“We can provide training courses for them, have better organisation and their own meetings organised by Alex.

“As a result, our volunteer numbers increased.”

Foryd are also keen to always listen to people within the community and ask whether there are any services they feel they need,

One example of this has seen the charity formulate plans to set up a Community Bakery.

“There has been a lot of redevelopment in the local area, and that has opened up hospitality opportunities for people,” says Fiona.

“A Community Bakery would mean people can take part in eight weeks training in baking, which helps not only with developing their skills but also increasing their confidence.”

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