A Valuable Local Resource

A popular community facility providing a range of services in West Derby and Yew Tree wards in Liverpool has been supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Deysbrook Village Centre is to receive a three-year grant of £57,000  to help fund the role of a Community Development Worker, helping the charity to continue to organise targeted activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

The aim is to provide a safe place for people of all ages to access support, recreational activities and training opportunities which improve skills, reduce poverty and social isolation, as well as raising aspirations and building confidence. 

“The role of Community Development Worker is a crucial one to ensure the smooth running of the Centre as well as identifying any further needs of the local community and increasing the numbers using the charity,” said Brian Clark, a trustee with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“The Centre puts on so many different activities for people from the community, and this role is vital both to help co-ordinate those activities but also target further funding opportunities and secure the future sustainability of the charity.

“I loved the enthusiasm of all of the trustees and volunteers that I met during my visit, and they are running a valuable local resource which is making a significant contribution to the local area and still has the potential to grow further. 

“It is a very busy Centre in the heart of an area with multiple challenges, and provides a wide range of services and activities to help improve the lives of people within the community.”

Services offered at Deysbrook Village Centre include a youth club, job club, group for carers, debt and other advice service, open door theatre club for disabled youngsters, gardening project, Fare Share Café and food parcels and much more.

One-off events for the community are also organised, including fun days, Christmas parties and barbecues.

“We are delighted to have received this funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation,” said Fiona Chambers, a trustee with Deysbrook Village Centre.

“We now know that the role of a Community Funding Worker will be filled for the next three years, a key position in the charity which will allow us to continue to develop and improve and ensure we meet the needs of our local community.”

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