‘A Smile On My Face’

A man from Southport who has described an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation as a ‘life-changer’ is continuing to make the most of his new-found independence.

Joseph, aged 47, sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury at the age of just 21, which has left him with many challenges in life, and reliant on many hours of funded care during the week, including nights.

He was awarded an Enable grant of almost £9,000 for an Offcar Adjustable Wheelchair and Batec Quad Electric attachment allowing him to travel further, and in comfort, to access the activities which he enjoys (CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY).

Well now Joe has got back in touch and provided a fantastic update of just how he is continuing to take advantage of his new-found freedom.

“Even six weeks on from receiving the wheelchair, I am still driving around with a smile on my face,” he says.

“I’ve already done over 300 kilometres, and am out every day, weather permitting.

“It’s just amazing the sense of freedom it has given me.

“It’s hard to explain, simple things like just popping out to the shops and back still don’t register with me because previously it was always a half-hour push there and back.

“I take long random routes home just to stay out and take in the views and sunsets!

“It’s just a life changer in every sense and has helped me more than anything.

“I will never take the generosity of the Steve Morgan Foundation for granted.”

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