Enabling More Independence

A 35-year-old man from Warrington who suffered a life-changing accident is benefitting from the award of a new wheelchair thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Dave, pictured, previously worked as a welder until suffering the accident in 2012, which left him with severe spinal injuries, a broken neck, and paralysed from the chest down.

He was given a lightweight wheelchair with back support suitable to his condition, but after five years this was recalled due to be being deemed no longer fit for purpose.

Dave was then informed that, due to funding cuts, he would be unable to receive a replacement lightweight wheelchair and instead would receive a standard manual chair without the bespoke back rest which would mean a reliance on other people to get him around.

“Dave’s wife works as a teaching assistant, and they have two young daughters, and, despite his accident, he has continued to do everything within his power to help his family,” says Karen Charles from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“In order to do that, maintaining some form of independence is crucial, and that was going to be hugely restricted with a wheelchair that meant he was relying on other people to move him around.

“The Steve Morgan Foundation is delighted to have been able to fund a new TLITE lightweight wheelchair for Dave, which will hopefully allow him to continue to play a part in family life having come through the adversity of such a serious accident.”

The Enable funding programme made an award of £4,975 for Dave for the new wheelchair.

Our Enable grants are available to provide a variety of specialist equipment for people of all ages.

Click here https://stevemorganfoundation.org.uk/how-to-apply/enable-funding/for more details and the application forms or call (01829) 782808 for an informal chat.

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