Early Christmas Present For Owen

A seven-year-old boy from Northwich has received what feels like an early Christmas present after the award of an Enable grant for a new Tomcat Trike from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Owen has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, mainly affecting his legs and trunk, and also struggles with motor skills in his arms, all contributing to giving him a reduced sense of balance and make him unsteady whilst walking.

He is vulnerable to tripping or falling over, especially when walking over uneven surfaces or in crowded environments, and also gets tired quicker than his peers.

“Owen really loves sporting activities and would love to join his friends in going cycling, but has been unable to due to his inability to balance and pedal a standard cycle,” says the Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable Funding Officer, Karen Charles.

“He was also keen to cycle to school every day, but previously had to be taken in a wheelchair by his mum as he was not able to walk the full distance comfortably.

“Our Enable grant for a Tomcat Trike means Owen is now able to cycle to school, also giving him valuable exercise which will help strengthen his trunk and muscles and  increase his stamina.

“Being able to join his able-bodied friends and family members in cycling activities will also increase his feeling of inclusion and overall health and wellbeing.”

A grant of almost £1,800 was provided for the Tomcat Trike from the Steve Morgan Foundation via an Enable grant, which are available for specialised equipment for people of all ages. (Click here to view application details).

Owen’s Mum Jennifer is delighted at the positive impact the trike has already made.

“I cannot begin to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation enough for making this happen,” she says.

“This trike will make a huge difference to Owen’s life, not only through physio but also his self-esteem and confidence.

“He has already ridden to and from school, even though he’s in quite a bit of pain at the moment, and has already said how much he loves his trike.

“We are all over the moon and it has felt like Christmas here for us.”


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