Kira’s Delight At New Tomcat Trike

A young girl from Anglesey is fulfilling her dream of being able to ride a bike thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Kira, aged seven, from Gaerwen, suffers from cerebral palsy, which necessitates wearing splints on both legs and means she is often unable to run or walk quickly enough to keep up with her friends.

She has been “desperate” to be able to ride a bike, and now she can, thanks to a Tomcat Trike and the award of a £2,500 Enable grant.

“Kira’s cerebral palsy mainly affects her legs, but she also has some restriction of movement of her right hand,” says Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“She has stiff lower leg muscles, making walking difficult, often walking on her tip toes, and so she wears splints on both legs to try and correct this.

“Kira has a wheelchair for use over longer distances, but would rather keep her independence wherever possible and join in the same activities as her friends without feeling excluded.

“It is very difficult for her to keep up with her friends if they walk fast or run, and has always been desperate to ride a bike, but cannot balance and pedal at the same time.”

This is where the new Tomcat Trike comes in, which was delivered to Kira last weekend, much to her delight, as the picture shows.

“This new trike will make such a difference to Kira,” added Karen.

“She is now going to be able to join in activities with her friends and be able to enjoy the same sense of independence that they have.

“This will help Kira develop her confidence and self-esteem, as well as the physical benefits of strengthening her core and the muscles in her arms and legs.

“We are delighted to have made this award via our Enable programme, and can’t wait to hear how Kira gets on with her Tomcat Trike.”

Kira’s Mum Bev is also delighted to see how the trike has improved her daughter’s life.

“After several attempts at riding different normal bikes Kira still couldn’t pedal and we had given up hope,” says Bev.

“Then we heard about how the Steve Morgan Foundation could maybe help, and, from there, the whole process was so easy.

“A lovely man called Martin (from Tomcat Trikes) came over to check on the right size for the trike and, from the moment it arrived, our lives have changed.

“Kira is extremely happy to be able to ride a bike for the very first time and be just like her friends.

“We have already planned lots of family bike rides which weren’t an option before, and it is all thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation.”



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