Nothing Can Stop Me Now!

Julie from Blacon, who received an Enable grant towards an All-Terrain Wheelchair, is continuing to make the most of her new found freedom to enjoy every possible moment of family life.

As we featured previously, Julie suffers from a progressive neurological disorder which puts pressure on her spine and can cause strokes, and has been wheelchair-bound since 2009.

Her previous wheelchair was unable to provide enough postural support for Julie to be able to spend any length of time in outdoor activity, which was affecting her mental health and wellbeing in terms of mainly confining her indoors.

An Enable grant of £11,651 contributed the majority of the funding for the All-Terrain Wheelchair, which is suitable for all surfaces and gives Julie far more independence to be able to get out and about and return to the ‘Outdoors Julie’ which has always meant so much to her.

As viewed on our photos, she is making the most of the new chair, which has dramatically improved her life and left her insisting: “Nothing can stop me now!”

“These grants are life-changing, and I can only say thank you as it has given me my life back,” says Julie.

“I am able to live my dreams and my family have been overjoyed as they have their daughter, sister and auntie back.

“I am so proud to have been given the opportunity of this grant – it has given us the chance to reconnect, and nothing is stopping us now!”

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